Super Pet Game Event II!

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Hello Fantage Mania ^^
Super Pet Game Event II! Get Readdy for you ^^,
Ok let's read it all Fantage Mania !

Super Pet Game Event II!

August 25th, 2010

monkoaccessoryYou remember the last Super Pet Game Event… well now get ready for our Super Pet Game Event: Take 2! We know how much you guys loved our last Pet Game Event, but this time, we are taking it up a notch! For this event, you can play pet games with all of your Jellies to win an awesome FREE Peachfuzz Jelly Board! If you are a serious pet collector and have already collected our newest members of the Fantage pet club, the Aeropuffs, then you can play with all five of them to win a cool Flying Monko Accessory!

Play pet games with Jellies and Aeropuffs to win a FREE animated board and accessory!

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