Grand Opening: Pet School!

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Hello all Fantage maNia ^.^

You Have Pet ? if yes , it's good news for you ^.^ Grand Opening: Pet School! , you can do it for you pets ^^ , let's readdd ittt alll Fantage mania^^

Grand Opening: Pet School!

August 26th, 2010

Good afternoon, Fantagians! We have something very special to announce…the grand opening of our first-ever Pet School! Go to Pet Town right away to check out the new school grounds…we know you’ll love it! Inside of the school, you and your pets will enjoy a challenging cranium buster called Wild Brainies! In this game, you can race your pets to victory by answering math questions as FAST as you possibly can! Although it’s one game link, there are MANY different games to choose from such as Addition, Multiplication, Division, and Combos! Within each type, there are varying levels of difficulty. The question is…are you and your pets up for the challenge?!

For training your pets SO hard in all of our pet games (Wild Racer, Slinger, and Brainies), your pets can now earn RIBBONS! When one of your pets wins 10 pet games, that pet will receive a Bronze Ribbon! When that same pet wins 20 games total, it will receive a Silver Ribbon…winning 30 games will grant your pet a Gold Ribbon! Take a look at how these pets love sportin’ their new ribbons! I think Zumi and Kiki might be a little jealous of Bloopie…

Every time one of your pets earns a Gold Ribbon, your Pet Trainer Medal will level up! If you are receiving your Pet Trainer Medal for the first time, you will be notified when one of your pets wins it’s 30th pet game! Don’t forget to check your attendance at school…the more days in a row that you check your attendance, the higher your Attendance Medal will become!