Hi All Fantage Fans ,

Tomorrow: Meet the Aeropuffs! you must see great momment guys !
LEt's read this ^^

Tomorrow: Meet the Aeropuffs!

August 24th, 2010

Tomorrow, we are releasing a NEW pet family—the Aeropuffs! Go to Pet Town tomorrow to see what all the excitement is about! The Aeropuffs are a flying family by nature and came to Fantage by using their ultra-savvy, 21st century copter technology. They flew into our friendly skies because they heard that ours were the brightest and sunniest in all the world! These fellas are light, mellow, and always keep high spirits. Don’t you want to take them all home with you?

Which of these flying friends is your favorite? Try to collect all of them tomorrow by heading over to Pet Town! Remember–to collect any pet in just ONE HOUR you can purchase Magic Codes!