Hi FanTage Maniaa ,long time i not update and Now i want update your news about fantage :D ,

" Jump High in an Icarus Rocket Suit! " You Can JUmp with Rocker Suitttt , let's read it friend :)

Jump High in an Icarus Rocket Suit!

Attention Fantagians!!!!!!!

We are introducing our first-ever ROCKET SUIT costume that enables you to jump high in the sky! This isn’t any ordinary costume, as it comes with special powers…not to mention an exciting and uplifting story! Dr. Finkelstein originally crafted this amazing rocket suit in order to escape Fantage after his containment over at the Lighthouse. But, Agent Scarlet caught him in the act…and Dr. Finkelstein begged her to let him go. She said she would…but only if he would share his Rocket Suit with the rest of the Fantage world!

Take a sneak peak at our Icarus Rocket Suit Storybook that you can read!