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Halloween Fun! Games + Prizes + More! , you want get it ????? , LEt's Read This Post ^^

Halloween Fun! Games + Prizes + More!

October 26th, 2010

The Halloween bonanza of fun has only just gotten started!

Come to our 2010 Halloween Party to play fun games and win free stuff!First up, on Tues, Thurs., and Sat., go on a ghost hunt! Help Farmer McGregor capture all of the ghosts that haunt Fantage to win cool prizes! After you find 7 ghosts around the world, play Type Boo to win a prize! A different prize will given out each day of the event. On all other days of the party, go trick or treating in all of our shops!

Every other day, ghouls and ghosts will have riddles to ask you when you visit shops! In exchange, they may just give you a treat…

Next up, don’t miss our Halloween Costume Battle! Enter into the Battle arena over at the Carnival or Castle. Then, you will be given the choice between TWO opposing teams. Each team will be represented by a spoooooky Halloween costume! The winning team will be awarded with Stars! Premium members will get 2x the Stars. *Pet Bonus: Bring a pet into battle to win +10 Stars!

Would you rather be a Frankenstein or a Ghost? You decide!