New Homes & Furniture!

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Hello All fantage Loverss ^0^ .
New Homes & Furniture! , yeah it's the new update from fantage blog , and i think it's good day for you see the New Homes & Furniture and i believe all New Homes & Furniture veryy Good :)

New Homes & Furniture!

October 1st, 2010

Attention Fantage real estate moguls…

Two NEW homes are now available over at Castle Realtors! Go there now to check out our latest and greatest real estate selections. Our new *luxury*home, the Kitchen, is an eclectic piece of artwork catered toward those who enjoy surrounding themselves in a cool, offbeat environment. Next up, travel around your yard in a giant Bus Home!

Live the life of luxury…inside of a giant kitchen! Just be careful not to leave the toaster over on…

The wheels on the bus go round and round…on your home! ^_^

We are introducing new furniture items to match your homes! Decorate your bus home and luxury kitchen home with these awesome matching furniture sets! Ever want to sit on life sized forks and spoons while eating scrumptious homemade jams? Well, now, you can! Head over to Ottoman’s now to see what all the excitement’s about!

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