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Feed Your Pets Treats! Win Stars!

September 28th, 2010

Are your pets hungry for a new activity?Starting this Thursday (9/30), you and your pet can search the entire world for delicious pet treats! Wait—these aren’t any ordinary treats! Every time one of your pets gobbles up a treat, you’ll win Stars! Higher level pets will win you the most Stars when they eat treats! Example: If you bring out a Feather pet, you will get more Stars than if you bring out a Cosmo. But, don’t fret about that…you will have lots of chances to feed your pets! You can feed your pets as many times as you desire and keep earning Stars! Gobbling up these treats will also make your Pet Treat Medal level skyrocket!

Feed your pets often and a lot to earn and level up your Pet Treat Medal!

Source : http://blog.fantage.com/