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Fantage Give Special Momment For YOuuUU :D ,Let's read this news from Fantage Blog

Boo! Our 2010 Halloween Extravaganza is Coming!

October 20th, 2010

It’s that time of year again…when ghosts, goblins, and other unsavory creatures start lurking in the shadows of Fantage. We will celebrate their return with a Halloween spookfest! Our 2010 Halloween Party starts next Tuesday (10/26)! This event will be loaded with games, goodies, prizes, limited items, a medal, and more! Check out all of the exclusive details below!

Special *limited edition* Halloween costumes will be on sale only during the party! A gypsy and her caravan will be set-up in some areas of the world. She will hold the key to these items!

We will be having a Ghost Hunting game and also Trick-or-Treating for you to win cool prizes! To go ghost hunting, click on the farmer NPC located in Downtown. Then, help him find 7 ghosts. Find all of the ghosts to win prizes! Go trick-or-treating by visiting several shops. Answer the ghouls’ questions to win prizes! Keep playing every day of the party to receive endless stickers!

Get ready for the first ever Halloween Costume Battle! The battle will begin this coming Tuesday. Here is how you’ll be able to battle! First, enter the battle grounds at the Carnival or Castle Interior. Choose a creepy costume and watch as you transform! Whichever team’s spooky attire dominates the battle will be awarded in Stars!

*Pet Bonus: bring a pet into battle with you to win +10 Stars!