Are You Ready to RUMBLE?

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Hello All Fantage Loverrsss ,

Are You Ready to RUMBLE Guys ?? , if yeah let's read this news fantage Loveers

Are You Ready to RUMBLE?

Come play Wild Rumble today and claim glorious victory!Come one, come all…to check out the most daring and challenging pet game Fantage has ever seen! Our newest, most exciting pet game is finally here—Wild Rumble! This game is unlike any other that Fantage has seen before. It requires the use of your noggin, mighty spirit, and not the mention the BEST pets in town! Each pet has a different skill set that comes out when you feed it certain food items (within the game, not your home). First, you’ll have to select FIVE pets to battle with. Don’t worry if you don’t have five pets…you will automatically be given Pebbles to play with. Then, face off against an unassuming opponent. Pick your strongest and most aggressive pets to beat your challenger!

Check out this ridiculously awesome action shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna learn how to battle with pets and claim victory? Then read the instructions below (it’s not that hard!).

Learn how to play Wild Rumble!