Hello All Fantage Mania ^^

Let's read about Shop Catalogs Are Here! , i hope can be useful for all fantage mania ^^

Hey all fantage our shop catalogs are ready, let's read this !

1. First, click the shop button in the top right of your screen and the catalog cover will pop up. You can go to specific item type categories using the left hand navigation, or flip page by page using the bottom corners.

2. Click the bottom right corner to go to the first page. That is where you can see all the newest items.

3. Go on to the next page to begin browsing. You will see the picture of the item, the name, and the price.

4. Mouse over the item pane to get the item description.

5. Click on the item. That will bring up a preview of you wearing the item, along with the price again.

6. If you already have the item, you will get a pop-up like this.

7. If you don’t, it will be added to your inventory.

8. You may also see a star in the top left corner of each pane, or a check marked box. If the box has a star in the top left corner, it means its a premium-member item. If you see a check mark, that means you already have that item.

9. Happy browsing and enjoy the new interface!

Source : http://blog.fantage.com/