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Now You can Get a New Pet Family! , it's a Jellies ^.^
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Meet the Jellies, a NEW Pet Family!

August 18th, 2010

Who are these jiggly, wiggly creatures? What are they doing in Fantage?

Go to Pet Town today to start collecting a NEW pet family—the Jellies!The Jellies were brought here by the owner of the Star Cafe for use in her famous jelly-filled donuts. But, instead of using them as delicious filling, she fell in love with these blogs of blubbery goodness and decided to set them free! These guys love to wiggle their way out of tricky situations and are always fun-loving and cheerful! Don’t forget, buy pets with *Magic Codes* to make your pets hatch in just ONE HOUR! You can buy Magic Codes from the storybook inside the Pet Shop and use them to get the exact pet you want!

Which one of these Jellies is your favorite? Mine is Bloopie (the blue guy)!