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Fantage Pets…Unleashed! Plus, New Pets!
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Fantage Pets…Unleashed! Plus, New Pets!

September 20th, 2010

Heyyy Fantagians!!

We know all of you pet collectors out there want the chance to show off your pets to the world…well, starting this Wednesday (9/22), you can! This Wednesday, you’ll be able to bring your pets outside of your barn and home! No leash required, your pet will naturally stay by your side! You’ll be able to bring one pet out with you at a time. When you click on it, it will do a random animation! Pets will be able to walk around with you in all areas of the world, with the exception of Creature Arena, User Homes, and Fashion Show. Are you ready for your pets to become…unleashed?

Wait, there’s more!!!! This Thursday (9/23), we are releasing a *brand new* pet family, the Feathers! This family is made up of some interesting little birdies that are anything, but ordinary! These flying creatures flew into Fantage aboard a strange visitor’s UFO which explains why they are unique, kooky, and a little offbeat!