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Come Celebrate Going Back to School! , don't forget it all !
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Come Celebrate Going Back to School!

September 8th, 2010

The time has come upon us once again…back to school time…so, gather up your books, pencils, notebooks, and most importantly, a sharpened mind! From Thurs. (9/9) until Thurs. (9/16), come celebrate the return to school at ourBack to School Party! There will be two very fun games, TONS of cool prizes, limited items, and more!

First up, go on an exciting mission by playing our “Catch the Bus” mini-game! For this game, you’ll have to first head over to the Bus Stop located in Downtown. Then, follow the clues that are presented at each stop. When you finally catch the bus, you will receive an animated bus board and school outfits! Keep playing after you win each day to collect FOUR different types of stickers!

Our second mini-game called “Help the Vendor” is a game that will require use of your treasure hunting skills. Find the vendor’s lost school supplies by searching the entire world for the items! Every two days, play again to win a different prize! In case you aren’t the best finder or you already won the game, but want to make sure you can keep these items forever, you have the option to “Buy Now!” using eCoins. Buying directly through the vendor will ensure you will have them forever and also allows you to obtain instant happiness!

Collect all of the costumes shown above (by eCoins OR by winning the game) to win a cool Back to School 2010 animated medal!