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How are you today ? i hope always the best , ok let's see the new news from fantage ^^

This Thursday, New IDFone Items!

Heyyy Static here, reporting again from the IDFone headquarters! New items have now been released in the IDFone Shop! Head over to Uptown to grab the latest new stickers, sticker sets, skins, wallpapers, and more! Our newest stickers are perfect for those who love animals, sea life, and island tiki style! Don’t forget to check out the Mystery Boxas well—you never know what kinds of new surprises are in store!

Give out new stickers to your buddies…or a kind-looking stranger!

These new sticker sets are perfect for anyone who thinks everything is better in a group!

Our newest IDFone skins, wallpapers, and sticker pages are sure to please! Which do you prefer—pretty flowers or relaxing bamboo?

Source : http://blog.fantage.com/