Hello All fantage Fans ^^

Now you can find New Pet Game it's Wild Slinger! , i think it's Great game and you must try it now ;) , okay let's to read this good news from fantage :)

UPDATE: Starting tomorrow (Tuesday), if you play Wild Racer or Wild Slinger with lots of pets, you’ll receive cool prizes! Play with 10 pets to receive a super rare Ceelo Pet accessory. Play with 20 pets to receive an ultra unique Fiery Scruffie Board. Make sure you have enough pets in your collection before taking up this challenge!

Hey guys, we have just released a brand new game for you to play! Go to Pet Town and sling your pets to victory in our newest pet game—Wild Slinger! I’ll let you in on how this new game works. First, you’ll need to have some pets in your collection. Then, head on over to Pet Town and click on the Wild Slinger logo. Choose a pet that you would like to sling towards victory (or defeat). Once playing, drag your pet back inside the slingshot as your power gauge fills up. Then, let go and watch as your pet flies at top speed to try and take down a huge stack of boxes…and not to mention an unsavory looking evil dude…

You will have THREE lives that you can use to make it through all FIVE levels! Good Luck!

Source : http://blog.fantage.com/