Hello Fantage Fans ^^ ,

Five NEW Pets Coming Tomorrow! , you must get it friend ! , and the 5 pets so cuteee , you can see in under , Which pet do you prefer friend ? , okay , let's see the news from fantage blog and i wait you comment about the pets ^^

Five NEW Pets Coming Tomorrow!

August 11th, 2010

Tomorrow (8/12), get ready to collect a NEW pet family—the Cuddlies!The Cuddlies have been winning their way into peoples hearts ever since they arrived in Fantage. These little critters are huggable, snuggable, and always lovable! Some are fiesty, some are calm, but they are all eager to meet you. Tomorrow, head over to Pet Town and buy the new egg that will be on sale. Remember, you’ll have to collect the first 25 pets before collecting the newbies!

Wait, there’s more! A new multivitamin will also be on sale tomorrow that makes your pets grow BIGGER and CHANGE SHAPE!

We also have some cool pet updates to tell you about!

*Magic Code pets now only take 1 hour to hatch!

*Collect the new family to get a total of 30 pets!

*Play pet games with 30 pets to win a SUPER RARE prize! Check it out below!

Source : http://blog.fantage.com/