HEllo Fantage Fanss ^^ ,
Now at fantage , you can get Daily Bonus , let's check it friend ^^

Daily Bonus: A NEW Way to Earn Stars!
July 22nd, 2010

Max is my name, daily bonus is my game!Attention all star-hungry Fantagians looking to earn some loot…

We have released a new Daily Bonus that allows you to earn Stars! When you log into Fantage, check out the new Playpage Guide that pops up when you log in. Max, our resident tour guide, will tell you what you haved earned that day!

Log in for 7 days in a row to win +350 Stars! If you are a Fantagian that never likes to miss the exciting events happening on Fantage and you log in for 30 days in a row, you will receive a whopping +3000 Stars! Become a Premium Member to receive a weekly allowance of 400 Stars! How awesome does that sound?

Earn Stars, Gems, and more just for logging in!