Hello Fantage fans ^^ ,

Hey , fantage Pets Have been Released !! , it's so fantastic , let's go to read this news

Hey all!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for—the release of Fantage Pets! When you log in, head over to the new area of the world called Pet Town. Once there, click on the Pet Shop. At the Pet Shop, you will be able to buy 1). Free Barn Kit and 2) Egg. After you get both, you are ready to start incubating a pet! Next, go to your home and you will see a BARN icon on your lawn. Click the icon, then once inside, click the “Control Panel” button. There, you will be able to set the light, temperature, and egg for your pet.

Go to Pet Town to play Wild Racer with any of your pets! Look at Weebo go!

Look at Weebo go! He is totally going to collect those Stars! ^^

If you have any questions about how to collect pets, please ask them in the comments section and we’ll be happy to answer!

Source : http://blog.fantage.com/