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Congratulations to who collected 25 pets , let's read this ^^ ,

Congratulations to Everyone Who Collected 25 Pets!
July 19th, 2010

Hey guys! We know a lot of you have been working so hard to try and collect as many pets as possible. We’re seeing barns filling up fast as people are scrambling to collect as many pets as they can. All of your hard work is paying off—can you believe some users have already managed to collect ALL 25 pets? Wow, that is an amazing feat! We would like to congratulate all of the users who have already collected 25 pets! Don’t worry guys—we’ll have more pets coming out soon!

Users Who Have ALL 25 Pets!

ajdaniels attyatty4545

civic_princess cookies770

cora578 ginger997

katieb16 kaykay12968

mama508 nancysee

puppepale8 red_ninja

willowpelt6 xocarla