Hello all Fantage Mania ^^ ,

Coming in Monday all , MVPs And Rookies! , it's fantastic for all fans , let's to see the news ^^

Coming Monday: MVPs and Rookies!

This Monday, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for—the showing of our first Fantage MVPs andRookies! Head over to the Hall of Fame at Uptown to see if you made it onto the list! Fantage MVPs are our users who collected the MOST STARS over the past week! If you want to be an MVP, you can earn a lot of Stars by using Double Star coupons (to win 2x the Stars!). Rookies are new users who registered within the past month who have LEVELED UP the most! Premium members who are featured will win an extra special costume when they are featured as an MVP or Rookie.Come see if you made the cut this Monday!

Use Double Star coupons to win 2x the Stars and have a better chance at being featured as an MVP!

On Monday, we are also releasing new Hall of Fame Medals! Rank as a Pro, Legend, Royalty, MVP, or Rookie to win a cool medal for your IDFone! Each time you make it as an MVP or Rookie, your medal will level up! If you make it as a Pro, when you make it as a Legend or Royalty, your medal will level up!

Source : http://blog.fantage.com/