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Are You a Hall of Famer?

July 27th, 2010

Across Fantage, far and wide…

Fantagians work hard to gain fame and glory…

Now…they will finally be honored and recognized…

This Thursday, we will be launching a Hall of Fame building over at Uptown to honor the achievements of Fantagians! This shiny new building will be made up of four floors, with each floor highlighting different users based on overall level. On the first floor, you will also be able to see our weeklyFantage Rookies which are new users who leveled up the most that week. You will also be able to check out all Fantage MVPs, which are the users who earned the most Stars that week! You will also be able to check out who the highest scorers of all time are for each game!

Each floor in the Hall of Fame will feature the current week’s users who have the highest overall levels in Fantage! The second floor will feature users ranked 51-300 in terms of level. The third floor will highlight users ranked 11-50. The top floor is where our Fantage Royalty is celebrated. Fantage Royalty are the current week’s Top 10 users! Each week, the Top 10 users will be commemorated in a statue that looks like their avatar! All stats will be updated on a weekly basis.

When you become a Fantage MVP or Rookie, you’ll receive a special outfit!

Receive a trophy when you become a Fantage Pro, Legend, or Royalty!