Hello Fantage Fanss ^^ , How are you today all ? i hope the best for you :D
Garage Band festival it's it's ready comming , you ready it ? ^^ ,i hope you can be fun at Garage Band Festival Animated Medal!

Get ready for Fantage's first animated medal!Get ready for Fantage’s first-ever animated medal! Next week, we will be releasing TWO more music costumes for you to pick up for FREE! That means, in total, there will be 6 free musical costumes! If you collect them all by the end of the festival, you will receive this awesome animated medal for your IDFone!

I wonder what the new costumes will be...

In other news, we will be releasing TWO new homes this Friday! Our first home, the Hacienda, is a beautiful home backdropped by the calm stillness of the desert. Our second new home is an authentic Egyptian Pyramid—one of the greatest wonders of the world. We know you’ll also enjoy the inside’s beautiful artwork and colorful scenes!

Let’s take a sneak peek at the new homes!

Ay caramba! It's your very own Hacienda! pyramidhome1

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